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Hello, I'm Phil,
Product Lead
& Indie Game Designer

B2B and B2C Product Lead with 50+ Products, Games, and Platforms launched in 14+ years of experience across a diverse range of cultures and industries throughout the UK, Europe, APAC and North America. I cover Product Strategy, Product Design, Product Management, Product Data, and Product Marketing,

Some of the brands I work with:

Rethinking User Experiences

User-centric designs involve work on user journeys, attention spans, roadmaps, sitemaps, wireframes, web design, digital design, digital illustration, banner ads, print ads, etc. 


Launching SaaS Digital Products

I have led, built or launched more than 50+ platforms and digital products. CMS, Social CRM, Chatbots, eShop, learning platform, online voting contest, interactive ads campaign, indie Game, etc.


Getting Things Done

Giving confidence to others, showing love & support, and carrying a positive can-do attitude. 
I contribute by giving genuine and meaningful feedback, starting conversations offline and on platforms such as twitter, discord, and facebook groups, and by celebrating iterative actions, progress, and ambition.


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