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As the world’s number two tech firm, Baidu is one of the most sought-after employers in China. It attracts young, talented people in IT and engineers who are looking to grow their knowledge and careers exponentially.

However, in a booming market where the recruitment competition is becoming a borderless world, Baidu knew they had to sustain a distinctive employer brand with unique employment value propositions and an admired recognition of its internal workforce.

Maximum was appointed to identify up to five unique value propositions and reinforce them among Baidu’s internal and external audience.

Learning from research.

Maximum’s research team started off by scheduling interviews and focus groups to truly understand who Baidu is, what has brought the brand alive and what makes it shine for people to take notice?

Close cooperation between Maximum and Baidu was mandatory. This round of (re)discovery was a great way to hear how the brand has evolved since its launch in 2000, and how it has been truly perceived through the years.

Recognizing true brand architects.

Baidu employs people from all around the globe and is one gigantic start-up who grew so fast that its culture had to be spread and understood by everyone within the recruitment lifecycle, starting from new talent to brand ambassadors.

Equipped with the priceless research findings, Maximum had a mission to come up with a creative employer brand concept that would promote Baidu’s values internally. And they did. ‘Make Your Mark’ was born.

Maximum’s creative team wanted to celebrate all the employees because every single one of them is a valuable team member whose input is a crucial part of the company. Without them, there would be no Baidu. They are the ones making their own marks by constantly empowering their team and their employer.

With a noticeable link to Baidu’s logo, the ‘Make Your Mark’ concept was the beginning of a large-scale campaign that involved every single Baidu employee from every office. They all became architects of their employer’s success.

Teams of volunteers, supervised by Art Directors, Producers, and Brand Specialists made a big noise by collecting handprints from Baidu’s people at different campuses and locations including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

Recognition is rewarding.

Supported by teasers and payoff lines across 360˚ channels, the campaign, instantly became hugely popular and garnered praise, smiles, and applause.​


As a celebration of the success, Maximum designed walls of fame, where every participants’ handprints were added to 4x3m backdrops, then placed strategically around Baidu’s locations.

Unique posters with their own handprints were also individually mailed to each employee along with a thank you message for their support and inspiration.

Learning is developing.

Post-campaign, a survey was conducted for feedback about Baidu’s brand, the promoted ‘Make Your Mark’ value and the overall campaign.

Gamified lucky draws and extra gifts were prepared to encourage participation and reward brand advocates.

And after days of excitement to anchor an employer value in everyone’s heart, the ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign proved to be an inventive and tailored solution for a huge-yet-caring employer called Baidu.

Success & KPIs:
500+ respondents

3,500+ participants

7 higher participation compare to previous events


HRoot & Wings - Best Employee Experience Award

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