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Corning Inc., fortune 500 companies, are growing fast, mainly because they build amazing things. A longtime client of our agency, Corning looked for the best digital solution to hire talents across APAC.


​The best tech for the best price. You know the drill. Oh, and it had to be built fast too.

corning asia expansion.jpg

Strategy & Design teams came together to imagine the best way to build a future proof platform, able to welcome the opening of new plants and new content, without costing extra time and extra money.

- We designed a new UX, dividing Brand content & Plant content.

- We welcomed trendy tech & visual effects (video background, parallax effects, dynamic search...) and made most of its sections quickly editable.

- We integrated with the client's application tracking system (ATS), used by a candidate to apply for a job.

- We added funnel trackers, events & goals, measuring the activity on site.

- We generated extra campaign tracking code, allowing the client to follow the candidate journey from A to Z, from the acquisition channels & SPOC up to the end and the hiring process.

- Within only 2 months, we had integrated two new plants, their tailored content, and this for the minimum amount of time and money. Typically what every entrepreneurs and client would rightfully want.

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