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Dulwich College International (DCI) is a family of schools with eight International Schools, two International High Schools and one sister school in Asia.

DCI has its heritage from Dulwich College, founded in South London, in 1619. It has built a solid reputation with its strong academics and inspired teaching and educational innovations.

We made a complete audit of the group & schools website and found that:

- The schools (websites) were disconnected & isolated.

- The Group Website, although very informative, had a very ‘corporate’ feel that did not highlight the ambition and success of the Dulwich school network.

- Their careers section was a little hidden and not advocating its strong employer brand as much as it should have.

Dulwich College International.jpg

In DCI’s words ‘Detur Pons Mundo – Building bridges to the world’. 

They are creating the best schools, with the best teachers, so their students can make a difference in the world.

With all the quality and greatness DCI has to offer, not only as an international school institution but as an employer of choice, the project was attractive but the work immense. So we:

- Grabbed the brand guidelines and narrowed down its most important creative directions. Colors, fonts, uses - everything across the network had to become sexy and consistent.

- Closely working with the client, we mapped out all their content, offers, courses, frameworks, news, events, functionalities - Everything each school had to offer.

- We restructured it all, gave a hierarchy, defined mandatory content, genuine & useful pieces, and at last, SEO-performant copy.

- We redesigned the UX, serving the primary and secondary audiences.

- We modernized the UI, built the whole series of websites, using loading-speed friendly dev frameworks and tech.

- Created customizable sections, via a tailor-made CMS (not Wordpress...)

- Add funnel trackers, created events & goals.

- Generating a series of campaign tracking code, measuring the efficiency of all their acquisition channels. 

- Created best practices manual and SEO guidelines, guiding the client and its manpower for the future phases of development.

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