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Owned by Fiat Chrysler, FCA provides finance solutions to people who purchase new cars from the group in China. FCA has a team of 12 charged with supervising financial services consultants based at 400 car dealers, spread all over the country.

There were two main challenges, the:

- financial services consultants are not mandated to sell FCA products, and frequently sell those provided by local banks

- only regular communication channel being used to deliver brand messages and product offers was email. And FCA had no information on opening rates, clicks and engagement. 


The agency recommended creating a digital platform on China’s most popular, personal, and business social network, WeChat, that would:

- bring all sales consultants into a single space that could be monitored and whose performance could be measured

- engage and train sales consultants, using rich-content and gamified mechanics that aim at hatching better (trained) salespeople.

- incentivize the sales consultants to sell more FCA contracts through a combination of rewards and peer recognition via a leader board 

and which revolved around a single compelling idea for these time-poor individuals: 2-minutes

Give us 2 minutes and we’ll put more money in your pocket by making you a more effective salesperson. In 2 minutes you could be on your way to a new mobile phone. 2 minutes is all it takes to become the envy of your colleagues…

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