• Phil Mesnildrey

A dying company

Updated: May 28, 2019

Could be the nickname of many companies.

And you could also want to work for them.

There are 24 hours a day, and most of us aren’t able to keep our attention span longer than 45 min (for most, 8 seconds). At work, we sometimes get to deal with food comas, slow mornings, lack of directions, lack of vision, absence of KPIs, low engagement and weak leadership.

All this combined gives a lot of time to be unproductive, be disengaged or make (important) mistakes.

Therefore, we are gonna need to rely on self-awareness, self training and that aptitude to trust others, a (rare) mindset that can transcend boundaries, transform a will in a way.

Many startups are face difficulties because they are static, lack agility and do not want to face their truth. Frankly, we have been working with Fortune 500 companies that face the exact same issues. The size does not matter.

If the Millennials want to understand their needs and discover what they are really good at, then there are a few changes to bring to the employment market. Here are some of the identified challenges:

1. HR teams lacks connected solutions, formations and trainings (specific to some market)

2. Lack of Employer Branding activities, on & offline (promoting advocacy and team work)

3. Little use of the full Recruitment journey / Lifecycle, from Awareness to ambassadorship

4. Missing opportunities in empowering internal audience before the external audience

5. Lack of interactions between employees and talents, resulting in misconceptions and misunderstandings (lower happiness, lower retention, higher absenteeism, …)

6. Lack of interactions and horizontality between managers and (new) engaged hires

7. Lack of understanding of self-awareness, self-confidence, cross cultural differences, and productivity challenges, by companies and individuals.

8. Misconception of the difference(s) between time span and attention span.

9. Cultural, technological and educational gaps between Gen Y, X, and Z

One tailored solution to a particular problem. I recently wrote a Case Study of a campaign we launched for Baidu (Feb 2017). We had to make sure that Baidu’s employees felt loved & recognized by their peers and their too cool CEO.

It went great, because we celebrated the brand architects (employees) and let them know that they were the only one to praise for Baidu’s success.

Give confidence to others. Avoid negative people. Speak ill of no man.

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