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Protection Civile is a global humanitarian network that provides services similar to those of the Red Cross, and which is sponsored by the French Government. 

One of its branch, Paris 12, contacted the agency with an urgent need to:

- Increase their online presence on the French web & social networks

- Provide clearer information on their activities and partnerships

- Attract new volunteers in Paris and around the country

- Collect candidates’ emails and applications in order to create a talent pool.


The client’s flexible brand guidelines gave the agency the freedom to transform their old and malfunctioning website, into a dynamic, user-sensitive, customizable platform.

Working with a CMS, the platform designed by the agency enabled us to A/B test new landing pages, create rich content blog pages (videos, galleries, social feeds) and maximize SEO performances.

Within a year, the client achieved a top 3 position on search engines (based on 20 competitive keywords), and become the most successful branch nationwide, in terms of applications and referrals.

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