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Social shares generated, via WeChat, Weibo and LinkedIn.


Unique visitors on the platform after only
five days.


Page views collected from an initial pool of 5,000 followers.

For the launch of their latest product Got2B, Henkel & Schwarzkopf approached our agency to help them with :

1- Engaging with an existing pool of WeChat followers

2- Generating noise & awareness

3- Reaching like-minded people and circle of friends

4- Focusing on WeChat and stay within a <30k RMB budget.


With little money, owned channels are usually the best way to create genuine content and generate the best ROI.

We used their WeChat Account to dive into a pool of followers and created a teaser WeChat newsletter announcing an upcoming online competition.


Once kicked off on the same day, we invited people to join the game, read key USPs about the product, and share a photo of themselves using it.


The competition platform, mobile & WeChat friendly, was a mandatory aspect of this campaign, limiting the number of barriers and time needed to play the game.


Attention span is always short, so a voting system was implemented to increase engagement (upload, shares, likes) as well as the number of returning users.

We kept the contest short & intense.

5 days later, and from 5,000 followers, the activation campaign had generated:

- 10,000+ social shares
- 105,000+ unique visitors
- 250,000+ page views
- 50 Winners

- 1 returning client : )

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