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Siyuan Water aims to give remote communities and schools in China access to drinkable water. To achieve this, Siyuan Water created a range of: 

A- Water bottles and domestic water filters for a B-to-C audience in first-tier cities

​B- High-performance, easy to install and replace water filters for a B-to-B audience of schools, cities, and provinces


The health of children was the focus, and to ensure the campaign had integrity while being effective, the agency focussed on orchestrating offline and online activities – including community events and partnerships, school visits and media events. 

These initiatives gave the Siyuan team the opportunity to meet the people whose lives were affected, and answer their questions. 

And they provided an excellent photo and video opportunities that were not only shared widely on social media but received positive coverage.

In addition to positioning and launch of the brand and products, the agency designed and developed the Siyuan website. This involved using a CMS to move ownership and back-end management to the client smoothly and quickly.

In keeping with the transparency of water and the manner in which Siyuan was conducting its engagement on and offline, the visual design of the website was light, eye-catching, and straightforward. 

UX and navigation focussed on the commitment of Siyuan to those children at risk from unclean water. At the end of the user journey, a strong CTA drove users to T-mall/Taobao (Alibaba Group), where they could purchase Siyuan’s line of products.

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